Established in 1859, Gaja is a family-owned winery in Italy. Giovanni Gaja founded this winery, and his great-grandson, Angelo Gaja runs along with his daughters Gaia and Rossana Gaja, the estate in the Piedmont region of the Langhe district, mainly producing a range of wines in the Barbaresco and Barolo regions. The current owner and president of Gaja, Angelo Gaja, is one of the producers who have revolutionized wine production in Italy.

Gaja records an annual production of 350,000 bottles, 18 different wines from the Piedmont vineyards in the Barbaresco area, Barolo and La Morra area, in Montalcino and Bolgheri, on a total area of 237 hectares of land. 

2006 Gaja, 'Gaia & Rey'

Named after one of his daughters, Gaia Gaja, and after his grandmother, Clotilde Rey, this is an excellent Chardonnay, produced in a smart, rich and without a doubt, elegant style. An abundance of ripe pears, buttery, marzipan, exotic fruits and a well-defined acidity for a 15+ year-old white wine. Fresh, with complex waves of orchard aromas, and surprisingly it brings a few blackberry aromas for a white wine.

''At the end of the day, you really can’t make a wrong choice.
As long as you pay attention to what it is that you don’t like about a wine
each bottle will get you closer to what you do like.
Take it one glass at a time!''