There is so much more about Romania than the famous Dracula and a national love of stuffed cabbage leaves. A strong yet mysterious country that is full of contrasts with vibrant cities and villages that seem stuck in a wonderfully nostalgic time warp.

Nestled near the Ancient Histria Citadel and the oldest cities in Romania an Ancient Greek City on the Shore of the Black Sea, Histria Winery is perhaps one of the youngest wineries in the country. Producing no more than four labels, I got the opportunity to taste one of their range which they have named NIKOLAOS, Greek given name which means "Victor of People".

Shameful to mentioned, this is my first encounter with this winery and I must admit I have missed out big time, however it's better late than never. Thank you MyWonderWine for introducing me with what Romania has to offer in terms of wineries. 

Nikolaos Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc

A very interesting wine out of the park. Sauvignon Blanc is one of those grape varieties, when turned into a wine, doesn’t need any introduction. Is that cool person that didn't worked for popularity, it just earned it.This delicious Sauvignon Blanc is distinctly aromatic with lifted notes of blackcurrant bud and citrus filling the glass. There is an abundance of fruit weight on the palate which is structured and well balanced, with refreshing mineral acidity.

Nikolaos Red, Cabernet Sauvignon

Call it the Mona Lisa of grapes, the Louvre of all art museums wine, the Mike Tyson of flavours and so many more clever things that you can come up with on your own. A complete package wine that brings it all to the table. A generous wine in terms of aromas, such as chocolate, black cherry and blackberry, with hints of spicy toasted oak and a long soft finish.

Nikolaos Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon

A stunning silky yet well structured Rosé, fresh with an explosion of flavours. It will win over your entire table for a more than perfect dinner. Floral notes, peach and strawberry flavours. carrying the wine throughout a refreshing finish with a touch of blood orange.

We all deserve to drink a good bottle of wine or we don't want to disappoint when choosing the wine for a family or friends dinner. There are wines for all occasions. You don’t need to complicate yourself too much. I got mine from MyWonderWine, an online wine shop that focuses on Romanian wines that surely do not disappoint, where style and elegance are not seen but felt, wile luxury is not shouted out but noticed.

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