The possibilities when it comes to buying your friends, family and loved ones a gift has no end. You will probably overthink it too much, you will panic and probably end up buying a pair of socks or a T-Shirt that will not fit them anyway. It’s really hard to choose the ‘right’ gift, especially when you have to give it to someone you don’t know very well, such as your colleague, your boss, or your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents.

Wine has long been considered the ideal present. Ancient Greeks stated that it was a gift from the gods, and Ancient Egyptians went so far as they thought that the journey to the afterlife was long, and so Egyptians were buried with food, water and wine to help them on their 'travel'. That’s what I’m calling well-stocked in the afterlife. You would think that giving wine as a gift would have become out of date, but in fact, it never seems to go out of style. 

There are wines for all occasions. You don’t need to complicate yourself too much. Just take a red wine with you on that birthday party or dinner with your girlfriend's parents. Why red wine? You don’t need to chill it, just in case they want to open it straight away.

  • Vintages can celebrate particular years

When giving wine as a gift to mark an anniversary or birthday, a wine vintage that is dating from the birth year or the wedding day can be a wonderfully personal way to honour and surprise anyone. Just be careful what vintage, as older ones may cost you quite a bag of money. If they are your close friends and they really deserve, dig down deep in your wallet.

  • Wine lasts

Wine is a great gift because there’s no pressure on the person who receives it, to drink it straight away. Some of the wines can be enjoyed when the person feel like or think is the right occasion, without the pressure of an expiry date. Keep in mind though, when you want to choose a wine to last, to always ask the person in the wine shop. If you have the chance, choose a wine shop rather than a supermarket when going to buy a wine that lasts. The wine shop always has that person qualified and they will guide you to choose the right wine for the right occasion. There is wine for all budgets.

  • Wine is made for sharing

If you give someone a book, you better read it before. You will never see that book again unless you take a copy for yourself. When you show up with a bottle of wine, that wine ends up in a glass, that ends up in your hand. Pretty cheeky right?

Wine is a gift that screams, ’Share me’. Whether they pop the cork and share it with you right at that moment, or will have it with loved ones on another day, wine will almost always be enjoyed socially. By offering as a gift a bottle of wine, you are not just treating them with wine, you are encouraging them to share the experience with other people.


If you will end up in a supermarket for that gift, ask someone else who is shopping in the wine section for a recommendation. You would be surprised by some of people who know a thing or two about wine who are shopping on the wine aisle. In any case, here's to wishing you a happy, stress-free wine giving experience. 

''At the end of the day, you really can’t make a wrong choice.
As long as you pay attention to what it is that you don’t like about a wine
each bottle will get you closer to what you do like.
Take it one glass at a time!''